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Are you a home owner or business in need of a polished concrete floor,At Floorcraft ltd we offerer excellent polishing services that are not only creative but top notch,it’s an opportunity to have your existing concrete floors transformed into the cleanest and durable flooring available,if your explicitly seeking a polished concrete floor we’ve got the service for you

This project in the New Forest Hampshire Floorcraft were asked to polish an existing concrete slab in a large garage,This floor had been poured many years ago and had been painted with multiple times,which was peeling and not looking very good.


Floorcraft arrived on site and ground off the top 5mm of concrete to expose the sea dreaded aggregate below,once this part of the process is complete we then start a seven stage polishing process that starts with a 50 grit diamond and finishing with a 3000 grit diamond,Once completed you will be able to enjoy an easy to clean and durable garage floor,It also offers an aesthetic look that you will always love,And once this is done you will never need to redo your garage floor again,Please see the before and after pictures below.



Floorcraft got the call from a client in Chichester West Sussex to diamond polish a workshop floor.

For years they had been repainting the floor only for the finish to last 12 months before it needed painting again, The building was getting on in years and either the damp proof membrane had failed or there was no dpm, so when you entered the room you could smell the damp, the reason for this was the paint was holding the damp back, but now that the floor has had the paint removed and a breathable sealer has been applied the room smells fresh as the floor can now breath.

Also now that the floor has been diamond polished it will never need re coating, but just look at the results now the room is so much lighter due to the reflective surface of the polished concrete and just a light clean when dirty.

So if you have a old concrete floor that needs a new lease of life then give me a call,





Floorcraft ltd was called by a client in Surrey to create a bespoke polished concrete floor to there new build house in Surrey,The entire downstairs of there new house needed to be in an HTC Superfloor

Floorcraft ltd created a unique mix of white cement with two tone silver and white granite chips with 30 mm white river pebbles,The mix was blended on site and poured to a depth of 100 mm,Once the concrete had set after 30 days,Floorcraft ltd diamond polished the floor to HTC Superfloor specification,

If you are building a new house and want a bespoke one off floor that nobody else has why give Floorcraft a call and we can design your floor for you like this one in Surrey

The Highest Quality


This property in Chichester West Sussex shows the benefits of a beautiful polished concrete floor,As this was a new build the client had to pump in 100mm of concrete.So rather than looking for a floor finish after the sub concrete had been installed why not use the sub concrete as your bespoke floor finish,and as the photos show,what a stunning floor we have achieved,Floorcraft used a standard C35 mix of concrete,delivered by our local company,all Floorcraft did was to add extra aggregate to enhance the finish,Once the concrete was installed we gave it 30 days to set then returned to site to grind and polish to beautiful gloss finish,So if your looking for a polished concrete floor please give Floorcraft,West Sussex a call



Floorcraft installed this stunning polished concrete floor to a kitchen extension in Chichester, West Sussex, Floorcraft poured the 100mm of C35 concrete on top of the underfloor heating, And after 30 days once the concrete had set we returned to site to diamond polished the floor to a mirror finish, As the client was having a hi end kitchen fitted with white doors and black worktops we added black and white aggregate to the concrete to give the client a totally bespoke floor.

If your having an extension built and your after a beautiful bespoke polished concrete floor in West Sussex,Surrey or Hampshire why not give Floorcraft a call to talk about your project.