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Common Questions about Polished Concrete?

Shown below are some frequently asked questions regarding polished concrete, HTC super floor and diamond polished floor, along with their answers. If you still need more information please fill in the form below the questions.

What is the minimum area you will undertake?

Polished Concrete: Minimum area we undertake is 100 sq. m. Bespoke: There is no minimun area we will need to do a site visit and estimate the size of the job.

What is an HTC Superfloor?

An HTC Superfloor is basically a diamond polished floor. HTC is the supplier of a top-end diamond polishing machine (amongst other things).

How long will it take to complete?

Time to completion depends on the area, as well as the type of work undertaken. Once poured and polished we need at least 3 weeks for the concrete to harden before applying the sealant.

Is it possible for me to choose the colour of the concrete?

We can pretty much match any colour that you would like. There is quite a large range of standard colours but if need be we can custom mix to make your colour.

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