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FloorCraft Ltd. is a provider of polished concrete floors in West Sussex. We can pour and polish a seamless concrete floor onsite, or have bespoke concrete floor tiles or wall tiles, worktops, or a concrete mantlepiece manufactured to any shape and any colour at our workshop. HTC Superfloors (diamond polished floors) is our business, and we are passionate about every project we take on. So passionate that I’d like to tell you about a concrete floor we recently completed in a West Sussex water tower that a client purchased and subsequently turned into a house.
The initial site was that of a disused water tower. Our savvy client saw the potential beauty in the water tower and purchased it to repurpose as his home. With creativity, planning, and some hard work, the finished product is a beautiful, unique home with stunning polished concrete flooring. We began with an aggregate that was standard concrete from the back of a truck, but as it was troweled we hand broadcasted white marble and grey limestone 15mm into it. The completed floor is not only aesthetically appealing, but it is also durable, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly (concrete is completely recyclable). HTC Superfloors will last a lifetime and are as beautiful as they are hardy.