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The Beauty Revealed - Polished Concrete Floor at Tinwood Estate Wines - April 3rd 2019

The Beauty Revealed - Polished Concrete Floor at Tinwood Estate Wines,

FloorCraft Ltd in Chichester, West Sussex, UK designs and installs durable polished concrete floors (HTC Superfloor) and bespoke projects for commercial and domestic clients throughout the areas of East & West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, London, and Surrey.

A while back we wrote about a diamond polished concrete floor we had poured at Tinwood Estate Wines in Chichester, West Sussex in the south of England. Our experienced crew waited for over 30 days for the concrete to set, and we have now completed the polished concrete floor. The concrete that we poured two months ago was a bespoke mix that the client had requested.

The owners of Tinwood envisioned a green aggregate to be blended into the concrete mix, to add an extra level of colour and depth to the finished floor in the wine tasting room. So, as our team pumped the concrete into the room, 30mm of green granite aggregate was added to the mix. As you can see by the pictures the bespoke diamond polished floor looks stunning with the calming colour of green throughout.

Reflective Polished Concrete Floor at Tinwood Estates in Chichester
Diamond polished concrete floor at Tinwood Estate Wines

Polished Concrete Floor at Tinwood Estate Wines in Chichester, West Sussex

Close-up of the polished concrete with green aggregate

Every Polished Concrete Floor is Unique

FloorCraft Ltd has also poured a new kitchen floor in a refurbished house in Havant near Portsmouth, again with green granite in the mix. This mix will be different from the Tinwood floor, as the concrete is 100% sea-dredged aggregate, so there will be more yellows, browns and orange stones in the mix. These naturally-occurring variances in the aggregate explain the unique look and character taken on by each diamond polished concrete floor.

While the diamond polished floor takes on unique character due to different materials mixed into the aggregate, our clients who choose power floated concrete flooring get just as excited to see the final product with power floated concrete floors also. Well, okay we get pretty worked up and excited about it too!

Rather than waiting for 30 plus days for the concrete to set, as we do before completing a diamond polished floor, our crew only waits a couple of hours after pouring concrete to complete a power floated floor. The power float is the piece of equipment we use to work the paste of the concrete floor until the floor takes on a very smooth, glossy finish that looks like marble!

Embrace a Creative Challenge with Polished Concrete

If you have been wondering how to achieve that WOW flooring project or feature piece in your home or workplace, consider the durability, beauty and long-term affordability of polished concrete. Our experienced and innovative team at FloorCraft thrive on creative challenges, and we only use the best materials and equipment in every job. Whether it is in a commercial or domestic setting, factory, parking garage, a bespoke project – whatever the space or project, our team will provide you with an amazing end product that will live on for many years to come. Contact us at FloorCraft in Chichester, West Sussex to get started.