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Sparkly and Custom Polished Concrete Flooring in Cranleigh, Surrey - September 23rd 2019

Sparkly and Custom Polished Concrete Flooring in Cranleigh, Surrey,

FloorCraft Ltd. can take your home or business from pleasant to glamourous by creating unique, beautiful and custom polished concrete flooring. Focused on supplying you with the best polished concrete floors, we at FloorCraft will pour and polish a seamless concrete floor onsite utilizing the best techniques including HTC Superfloor™, a method of grinding and polishing concrete floor with HTC’s diamond tools. FloorCraft will give you the best results and this is exemplified by a polished concrete flooring project recently completed in Cranleigh, Surrey.

Custom Designed Residential Polished Concrete Flooring in Cranleigh, Surrey

FloorCraft recently completed a unique, one-of-a-kind floor for a client in Cranleigh, Surrey. This client had personally designed his home and wanted a unique, customized floor to match. The floor had to match the individuality of the home’s design and according to this customer “a standard floor would not be good enough.” Client direction indicated that this floor must be mainly white with a hint of deep blue.

At FloorCraft, we love a challenge and by combining the best tradesmen, the best equipment and the best materials we were able to hunt high and low to find the perfect aggregate and materials to get exactly what our client desired.

After many trips to a London-based aggregate warehouse, we chose to blend a 100mm thick white concrete aggregate (a combination of white cement, white granite sand and white marble). In order to achieve the deep blue, we used recycled deep blue glass. Upon client approval of this sample, we began blending and mixing the concrete onsite.

Adding Sparkle to Polished Concrete Flooring in Cranleigh, Surrey

Prior to beginning the flooring, we met with the client of this custom Cranleigh home. One final request was made to truly make this floor shine; he requested that we use a grout with some sparkle in it.

After some research, we chose to place fiber optic cable within the concrete. Fiber optic cable is a clear 2mm cable, much like fishing line, and it has a powerful light box at one end allowing the light to shine down the cable. Additionally, the light box has a colour wheel which can change colour if desired (it can also be left as one colour).

Upon pouring the ground and basement floor, we were able to create the polished concrete stairs at our workshop in Chichester, West Sussex. After 30 days, once the concrete had set, we returned to the site and began polishing the ground and basement floor establishing an HTC Superfloor™ standard. Once we completed the ground and basement floors, we were able to install the basement stairs and complete this custom and sparkly flooring with real ‘Wow’ factor, a result largely enabled by the superior HTC Superfloor™ standards.

HTC Superfloor™, the Top Standard in Polished Concrete Flooring

At FloorCraft, each and every one of our staff are trained by HTC. We use HTC machines in addition to HTC polishing diamonds in order to provide our clients with full HTC Superfloor™ support and technical back up. Why are we so committed to HTC Superfloor™?
• HTC Superfloor™ saves time, down time and money
• An HTC Superfloor™ (polished concrete floor) will last a ‘lifetime’ ensuring there will not be continual periods of down time while the floor needs to be refurbished.
• HTC Superfloor™ is Environmentally friendly
• HTC Superfloor™ (Diamond polished concrete) is meant to last a ‘lifetime’ and this supports the reduction of rubbish to landfills.

Enjoy the unique look and feel, incomparable durability and cost for lifespan of polished concrete flooring offered by FloorCraft today. Let us know about your vision for your floor project by contacting us today. We are thrilled to share ideas as to how polished concrete and HTC Superfloor™ can offer you a superior flooring option saving money in the long-term, while feeling incredible underfoot!