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Polished Concrete Floor Updates in West Sussex, Guernsey, and more from FloorCraft Ltd. - June 6th 2018

Polished Concrete Floor Updates in West Sussex, Guernsey, and more from FloorCraft Ltd.,

The last couple of weeks in May have been busy for us at Floorcraft Ltd. We still have to keep pricing work for the future while keeping on top of the work that we already have. We work hard to create great looking polished concrete floors for all of our clients in Southern England. Here is some news about what is happening with Floorcraft last month.

HTC Superfloor Almost Complete in West Sussex

We are coming to the end of a 130 square metres of power floated concrete in West Sussex. We finished the floor off with an HTC SUPERFLOOR BRONZE finish. This gives the floor a very slight diamond cut that opens up the marble effect of the power floated concrete and gives the floor a high gloss finish. To finish the floor we will give it a good coat of commercial grade anti stain sealer. The client is so happy they have asked Floorcraft to supply concrete slabs to the path and steps to the front garden! They want us to diamond polish a large patio area to the back garden with fibre optic lighting in the concrete. Check out our portfolio to see some examples of how fibre optic lighting can enhance the look of your floor.

Diamond Polished Concrete Slabs in Guernsey

Last month we made some concrete samples for a client in Guernsey. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the concrete samples to set so that we could diamond polish them. They look great now! They are all complete and have been sent over to Guernsey for the client to make his decision. Floorcraft in Guernsey have also been taking the concrete samples to interior designers and architects so they can see effects you get from DIAMOND POLISHED CONCRETE. We really are hoping for good things to come from this as there are some amazing houses being built in Guernsey and Jersey that will look even better with a POLISHED CONCRETE FLOOR.

Car Dealership Floor in Petersfield, Hampshire

We have just prepared a local high end sports car dealership showroom and office to have power floated concrete installed. The dealership takes McLaren track cars and makes them road legal. I can’t wait for this job to be completed as the photos on the website will look amazing. Working for this client and seeing the cars in his garage is a total pleasure, mainly because I am car crazy. We will have phase one of the floor completed this week with the ground floor being poured a few weeks later.

Aircraft Parts Supplier Floor in Brighton, East Sussex

And in the last week we have been contacted by an aircraft parts supplier who need the warehouse floor DIAMOND POLISHING. At the moment they have a resin floor coating over the entire warehouse floor and it has lots of scratch marks on it. So with the aid of HTC we are going to do a sample area were we will remove the resin coating and diamond polish the concrete floor. The client has already seen the completed floor at a RAF aircraft hanger. Once this process has been completed the floor will only need to be maintained using the HTC TWISTER pad to keep the floor looking as good as new.