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Polished Concrete Floor of the Carl Freedman Art Gallery in Margate, Kent - November 27th 2019

Polished Concrete Floor of the Carl Freedman Art Gallery in Margate, Kent,

Traditionally, the approach to maintaining an attractive commercial floor was to paint it or lay vinyl flooring. However, this tactic is not environmentally friendly nor sustainable as a painted or vinyl floor must be continually replaced or refurbished. Today, companies like West Sussex, UK-based FloorCraft Ltd. can take concrete, a highly sustainable and eco-friendly material, and utilize advanced processes to pour and polish concrete floors, resulting in an HTC Superfloor (HTC supplies FloorCraft with a top-end diamond polishing machine). Polished concrete floors will last a lifetime; economically saving on the cost of continually redoing the floor and environmentally saving on the cost of damaging and wasted materials. Cost savings and environmental stewardship aside, polishing concrete floors have a beautiful end-result so they will even jive in a space as visually evocative as the Carl Freedman Gallery of art based in the quaint seaside town of Margate in Kent.

From the Ashes, a Diamond Polished Concrete Floor Rises

When writer and curator Carl Freedman first approached FloorCraft to assess and sample the flooring of the old building slated to become the site of two art galleries, he did not reveal the poor state the flooring was in.
Originally an old printing factory, the floor was in deplorable condition as it had stood empty for numerous years prior to becoming two art galleries; the Carl Freedman Gallery and a second owned by artist and speaker Tracey Emin. However, after sampling the existing damaged flooring, FloorCraft was able to grind and diamond polish the existing floor with stunning results suitable to support the building’s artistic objectives.

Diamond Polished Concrete

Floorcraft offers two types of polished concrete: power floated and diamond polished. The flooring at Carl Freedman gallery in Margate, Kent is a stunning example of a diamond polished HTC superfloor. With a finish like glass that enhances the stones embedded in that unique concrete pour, the flooring at Carl Freedman Gallery is an example of how polished concrete floor is exactly like its art – no two are ever the same.

In order to achieve this unique flooring, FloorCraft initially pours the concrete floor at 100 mm, or deeper, over an anti-crack mesh to ensure the floor does not crack. The concrete is then left for 30 days to harden. From there, Floorcraft begins grinding and polishing to expose enough of the aggregate. The polishing process begins from there, highlighting the colour of concrete and aggregate specifically chosen for each project.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

The main ingredient in concrete is Limestone, one of the most abundant materials on Earth, while most other ingredients (think fly ash, slag and silica) are extracted as waste from manufacturing processes. In other words, concrete has minimal impact on the environment. This is one of the reasons Carl Freedman, a staunch steward of the environment, chose a diamond polished concrete floor from FloorCraft for his art gallery. Other environmental benefits of polished concrete flooring include:

• Durability. Concrete can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Saving the waste of materials, resources and manufacturing energy.
• Low Maintenance. No harsh chemical cleaners are required to care for concrete as it will not stain or discolour once it has been sealed.
• Recyclable. Concrete can be ground and broken down in order to be used in other ground installations, residential construction products or as the sub-base for gravel roads. Larger pieces can be used to reduce shore erosion.

Whatever your motive – appearance, durability and/or ecological support – FloorCraft will supply you with a beautiful high-end product. Contact FloorCraft Ltd. today for your free estimate.