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FloorCraft Ltd Features 3 Recent Polished Concrete Floor Projects - March 1st 2019

FloorCraft Ltd Features 3 Recent Polished Concrete Floor Projects,

FloorCraft Ltd in Chichester, West Sussex, UK specializes in creating beautiful polished concrete floors for commercial and residential customers throughout East & West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, London, and Surrey areas. There are many reasons to choose polished concrete for a flooring project, such as...

• the unique look and feel
▪ the incomparable durability
◦ the price of polished concrete over its lifespan

Our team has been super busy with flooring and bespoke polished concrete projects around the UK. Below are some of our recent projects for commercial customers.

Factory Floor in Portsmouth, Hampshire Upgraded to Polished Concrete

FloorCraft recently completed polished concrete work on a factory floor in Portsmouth, Hampshire in Southeast England. During a factory floor closure, our FloorCraft crew went to work. Our first steps involved removing the existing floor paint and grinding off the top coat of concrete. We then polished the concrete to a high gloss finish.

Because the factory cuts sheet metal with lasers, our customer asked if we could install lines into the concrete using red concrete stain, as a safety measure to stop anybody from crossing into the vicinity of the machine while it is cutting. After installing these highly visible red lines, FloorCraft finished the polished concrete floor with a coat of commercial sealer.

Car Storage Unit in Bordon, Hampshire Completed with Power Floated Polished Concrete

FloorCraft recently completed a polished concrete floor project for a commercial customer in Bordon, Hampshire, UK. This project involved pumping concrete in on-site, to form a 400 square metre car storage unit. Floorcraft poured the concrete floor at 100 mm thick, over a layer of anti-crack mesh to prevent cracking.

A couple of hours after pumping in the concrete, the floor was power floated. After working the paste for a few hours with the power float, a hand-operated machine that produces a smooth finish on concrete, the surface ended up with a very smooth, glossy finish.

Diamond Polished Concrete Floor Nears Completion in Restaurant Owned by Tinwood Estate Wines

FloorCraft is partway through a floor project for Tinwood Estate Wines in Chichester West Sussex, Southern England. The customer asked for a one-off mix with 30mm pieces of green granite in the concrete for this 120 square metre restaurant floor. Our crew has poured the concrete, in the same way as in the previous project - 100 mm thick over a layer of anti-mesh.

Because this will be a diamond polished finish, rather than power floated, the result will be quite different. Once 30 days have passed and the concrete has set, we will return to the site to grind and polish the floor to a mirror finish.

Once we have ground enough of the surface concrete away to show lots of aggregate - interspersed with pieces of green granite in this case - we will then start to polish the concrete. This is such an exciting phase, as it is when the amazing colours of the aggregate reveal the beauty of polished concrete.

Please contact us at FloorCraft Ltd to tell us about your upcoming floor project in our service area. We would love to share with you the ways in which polished concrete can be a superior flooring option that will save you money in the long run, while looking and feeling absolutely amazing underfoot.