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Floorcraft Offers Two Types of Polished Concrete, Power Floated and Diamond Polished

Power Float
Diamond Polish

Floorcraft offers two different types of polished concrete: POWER FLOATED and DIAMOND POLISHED

And as you can see by the pictures above the finish is totally different. The power floated concrete has a beautiful almost-marble effect with no aggregate showing and is finished with a gloss finish that gives the floor real depth

Diamond Polished concrete also looks amazing. You can see all the aggregate and all the beautiful colours of the stones inside the concrete - and because this concrete is Diamond Polished the finish is like glass

Both Power floated and Diamond polished concrete start off the same:

First, you choose from a range of coloured concrete,

Then Floorcraft pours your concrete floor at 100mm thick (we can pour deeper but we wont pour any thinner than 100mm),

Finally, the concrete is poured over anti-crack mesh to help stop the floor from cracking.

Now this is were the two floors differ


This process is very similar to the way a plaster worker works a wall. You wait a couple of hours after the concrete has been poured then you start to work the paste of the concrete with a power float. After you have worked the paste for a few hours you end up with a very smooth, glossy finish to your floor with a very unique marble look!


Once the concrete has been poured it must be left to harden for 30 days. After 30 days (can be more but never less) we will return to the site and start the grinding and polishing process. Once we have ground enough of the top of the concrete away so we can see lots of aggregate we will then start to polish the concrete. This is when you start to see the amazing colours of the aggregate! No two floors are ever the same!

The choice is yours! You can choose the colour of the concrete - you can even choose the colour of the aggregate. Living in the UK the choice of both concrete and aggregate is endless!