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Floor Preparation

HTC Superfloor (Before and After)

Grinding back the Old (remove adhesive)

FloorCraft Ltd is often called into a project to grind off the old floorcoatings. The reasons are very simple. It is 'best practice' and cheaper to grind back old adhesive rather than using a thick coat of floor-levelling compound. In addition when you have an uneven floor it is far simpler to grind out the high points on the floor rather than bringing the rest of the floor's level up to match the high point.

FloorCraft Ltd can undertake floor prep, whether that be the need to remove latex, bitumen, sealant, adhesive or simply grinding out a high point. The end result will be a level floor.

Ready for the New

It is often said that a finished project can only be as good as the preparation done at the start. How true it is. By preparing an area properly it allows the rest of the processes to run true. Never underestimate the power of preparation.