Let Polished Concrete Steal The Show


The Highest Quality


We at FloorCraft Ltd. are thrilled to be creating an exquisitely beautiful diamond
polished concrete floor to showcase a homeowner’s private car collection in New
Forest, Hampshire.

New Forest’s old-world charm and natural beauty is the backdrop of our client’s
property, where he played a large part in realizing his dream. He designed his own
concrete using an appealing blend of silver and white elements, creating the perfect
staging area to show off a few of his favourite automobiles. His concrete is made up
of silver granite sand, white marble aggregate, silver granite, white and silver pebbles, and white cement. The polished concrete was blended and delivered to the Hampshire property in one-ton bags. There it was mixed in what we affectionately refer to as the mother of all concrete mixers, then on Dec. 23, 2019 we took the next step towards making this 250sq metre dream garage a reality – pouring the concrete.

Once the concrete is poured it must be left to harden for at least 30 days, then the grinding and polishing process can begin. Once enough of the top of the concrete has been ground away the beauty of the aggregate will emerge, and that’s when we will begin to polish, bringing out all of the aggregate’s amazing colours. With our process, no two floors are ever the same, meaning this polished concrete masterpiece will become and remain unique forever.

Once the diamond polishing is complete, the cars will be rolled in and the room completed.