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Commercial Polished Concrete (HTC Superfloor)

Floorcraft Ltd undertakes factory flooring, concrete floor, diamond polished concrete, exposed aggregate, powerfloated concrete and floor preparation

HTC Superfloor (Before and After)

HTC Superfloor saves time, down time and money

In years gone by it was thought that the best way to keep factory flooring looking good was to have it painted, or even have vinyl flooring laid. The only trouble with this approach was that the paint or vinyl would have to be continually replaced/refurbished.

With an HTC Superfloor (with or without exposed aggregate) this will not be the case. An HTC Superfloor (polished concrete floor) will last the factory's lifetime. This simple fact saves the cost of continually redoing the floor. Equally as important is the fact that there won't be continual periods of down time while the floor is having to be refurbished.

HTC Superfloor - Environmentally friendly

One thing that is overlooked when companies repaint or replace vinyl on their factory flooring is the fact that the materials removed (paint scrapings or torn up vinyl) have to be disposed of. This waste will end up in landfills and will rot away over a long period of time.

As HTC Superfloor (Diamond polished concrete) will last the lifetime of your factory it only needs doing once, and therefore helps slow down the continual addition of rubbish to landfills.

How do I get an HTC Superfloor

How do I get an HTC Superfloor

To get your hands on an HTC Superfloor (with or without exposed aggregate) you will need to already have a concrete floor (FloorCraft Ltd can obviously pour a new floor if you need one). FloorCraft Ltd will arrive on site and grind off the top 3 mm of the concrete. This would show the concrete's exposed aggregate. Once the aggregate is exposed FloorCraft Ltd will then diamond polish the floor to a mirror finish (the diamond polished floor is not slippery when wet or dry). This process leaves you with a stunning looking floor that will last the factory's lifetime. Alternatively a powerfloated concrete floor might be something you are interested in.