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Bespoke Work

Anything is possible

FloorCraft Ltd is capable of undertaking a huge variety of bespoke projects. The options are almost limitless. If you know what you want but simply can't find it why not have it made. Whether it be a one-off concrete mantlepiece, staircase, shower tray, fireplace, worktop, vanity units or anything else.

What makes concrete a better choice than granite or marble is the fact it starts its life in liquid form, and can therefore be moulded into any shape or form. The concrete can be made using granite as the aggregate, or mixed with almost any other hard object such as glass, flint, marble, onyx, limestone, steel, copper or brass.

FloorCraft Ltd never likes to stand still so we have been busy pushing the boundary. We are now able to install fibre optic lighting into the concrete. This can take things to a totally different dimension

HTC Superfloor (Before and After)

Concrete worktop, vanity unity, fireplace, shower tray examples

Below are a few examples of bespoke work FloorCraft Ltd has undertaken (Concrete Worktop, fireplace, vanity units, shower tray).