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Ardex PC-T 4 Concrete Topping

FloorCraft is a proud supplier of Ardex PC-T 4 concrete topping. Concrete toppings can also be known as concrete overlay and micro coating. In the world of concrete pouring, it’s a game changer. Ardex PC-T 4 is a topping that can be polished just like regular concrete, but it can be polished after only 24-hours rather than the 30 days that is the required to wait prior to polishing normal concrete.

Polished Ardex Concrete Topping

It offers a fast track solution when you’re dreaming of a beautiful polished concrete floor, but aren’t keen to wait for it. If you are looking for the look and feel of polished concrete without the price and time commitment of polished concrete, PC-T 4 is the way to go. For internal use only, it can be polished to create stunning visual results, and provides an easy to maintain, durable flooring solution.

Reflective Ardex Concrete Topping

Ardex polished concrete topping is a self-drying blend of cements used to create polished concrete floors. It can be used to smooth new or existing concrete and certain other non-porous surfaces. Regular concrete has to be poured much thicker than Ardex in order for it to be ground down prior to polishing. For that reason, it takes 30 days to dry before it’s walkable versus only two to three hours for Ardex. Due to its small-sized aggregate, Ardex concrete topping can be polished just like concrete, but without the wait. It is often used in retail stores, schools, airports, basically anywhere that a fast track, polished concrete surface is required.

At FloorCraft, polished concrete is what we do best, and we are committed to providing new and innovative solutions to our customers, whether it’s power-floated, diamond-polished, or Ardex PC-T 4. We use quality equipment and finish all our jobs in a timely manner using top of the line materials in order to ensure we don’t just meet your expectations, we surpass them.

At FloorCraft, we are committed to excellence and believe that the best tradesmen, the best equipment, and the best materials will provide our customers with an unparalleled experience. Based in Chichester, West Sussex, we will bring our services to you in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, and London. If you have questions or would like some advice, Contact Us, and we will be happy to help in any way we can. You can also check us out on Facebook at FloorCraft Polished Concrete Limited for more examples of how we make concrete beautiful.