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  • Let polished concrete steal the show
    Let polished concrete
    steal the show
    "Dare to be different with a Polished Concrete HTC Superfloor"
  • High-End Worktops
    High-End Worktops
    A Polished Concrete Worktop takes the worktop to a new level of beauty and durability.Custom built to your requirements
  • Extremely Durable
    Easy to Maintain
    and Extremely Durable
    "As hard as concrete (infact harder) polished concrete will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance""Think outside the box"
  • Dare to be different with an HTC Polished Concrete Floor
    Let polished concrete
    steal the show
    "Dare to be different with an HTC Polished Concrete Floor"
  • We can Build it
    If you can Dream it
    We can Build it
    Bespoke work is normally the most challenging but also the most rewarding"Every noble work is at first impossible"

Some reasons
to choose Polished Concrete Floors

Shown below are a few good reasons why you should consider polished concrete
(HTC Superfloor) for your next project.

Polished concrete has a unique look and feel to it. The only limitation is your imagination. Think about what would look great in polished concrete, then choose a colour, select an aggregate and then its size and shape. Think bold and go bespoke. Some of our customers now have amazing concrete mantlepieceS, fireplaces, shower trays as well as a host of other items.

Durability (HTC Superfloor)

Diamond grinding concrete produces the most durable construction and flooring material there is. When used for flooring it enhances underfloor heating and is amazingly hard wearing.


To some, the price for polished concrete may seems high when compared to carpet or tiling. However, when you take into account the durability and lifespan of polished concrete it works out considerably cheaper. Do the maths and see for yourself.